4 Marsden Street, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3AQ, United Kingdom

A new, fun & innovative fitness facility

FitBank Health group is here and ready to help you succeed no matter what your goal.

Gone are the days of pumping iron all day long or running on a treadmill until you cant walk. Sure weights and machines have a place but there is so much more to experience and that is what you will get with us..A fantastic experience.

We are NOT your standard gym/Fitness centre. Every individual matters and that is why we have only limited Private membership base running alongside our Personal Training sessions. YOU are the most important to our business and your goal becomes our goal and our mission then becomes to help you achieve and progress.

FitBank are here to help you, whether that is as an individual, together with a partner or as a group who want to get results and keep costs down.

The idea of FitBank has been many years in the making and the ethos is simple.

Train hard, relax, recover and go again.

Fitbank means banking your fitness, safe in the knowledge that each time you are developing the mental and physical focus to push further, become stronger and train harder.

Al of the above equals one thing = RESULTS!

The challenge in joining any facility is to keep it up. At FitBank we are dedicated to YOU. Your goals become our goals and we will push hard along with you to make sure that you achieve them. We believe in commitment and we commit to you, 100%. Want to change your body shape, get fitter, increase muscle, whatever you want to achieve at FitBank you can achieve it. The only person who can stop you is YOU.

We practice what we preach and love to join in if that’s going to help motivate you more, however it’ll mean you do more, work harder and see how we do it when no ones here. There is no magic wand, we graft just like we make you graft.

Building a solid foundation is Key to developing a long standing better YOU!!


Explore Our Facility

Our unique take on training combines old and new techniques to help push your body and mind.

The variety of equipment means that you will never get bored and constantly challenges you to perform to the best of your ability.

Committed To You

Whether you want to change your lifestyle, get fitter and stronger, improve your mental focus or learn how to develop core stability, FitBank’s relaxed and creative environment is perfect for your every need.

We have brought together many varied and experienced minds in order to make a Private Centre were all individuals, regardless of ability, can excel with our help and guidance.


Our Ethos


How we feel when function daily and perform ordinary tasks


How we feel when we exert ourselves and how quickly we recover


How our bodies deal with all the stress we put it under

Mind Health

The way in which we let daily tasks/events affect our mind and focus

invest in your health.

If you are looking for information on Parkison’s Therapy, please contact us at: 

01942 386200

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