Parkinson's Therapy

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We are extremely happy and proud to tell you all more about this amazing therapy.

After three years of research and development we have managed to find a therapy that has amazing results for Parkinson’s patients and also for sufferers of MS and neurological diseases.

We are able to demonstrate that we can help to alleviate tremors, reduce whole body shaking, increase mobility and motor skills, increase individuals muscular control.

We have even had patients come in a wheelchair and leave walking.
This truly is remarkable and a WORLD 1st.

To find out more about the treatment and to book a consultation please fill in the form or call the number on our website.

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You’re in safe hands. All questions answered by our expert Physio/Rehabilitation Trainers

I have tremors, can you help?

Certainly we can help. Many of our clients have had lower or upper body tremors and we have been able to decrease the severity and decrease the amount of times that these happen.

I struggle walking in a straight line, I veer a lot

No Problem, we have dealt with any gait problems due to Parkinsons’s and have developed this therapy to enable the individual to get back to doing what they previously did i.e walking, getting out of the house

My Dad has Parkinson’s all over, can your treatment help?

Of curse we can. Some of our greatest success stories are from people with full body Parkinson’s. When they come in they are struggling however after our treatment sessions they are far better and more in control of their body.

What does the treatment do?

Ok, so the specialist therapy has been solely developed and devised by Neil Smith, the FitBank founder. He has spent many years researching and developing this therapy to enable individuals to be able to move freely, walk, talk and laugh again and also get back somewhat to what life was like before. This treatment has had amazing results.

Is the treatment available anywhere else?

This treatment is the type of its kind in the world and it has tremendous results time and time again.

invest in your health.

If you are looking for information on Parkison’s Therapy, please contact us at:

01942 386200

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