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Our Physio department and specialist injury prevention specialists are here and on hand to help give you the advice and knowledge you need to get back on track.

Have you Had an injury or Feel that something is niggling and not quite right? Is it stopping you doing things you want to do?

We can help put in place programmes to help to combat and fix the problem and prevent it from re occurring. Maybe you just need or want a sports massage, no problem its all here under one roof, take an hour to relax and unwind in one of our massage rooms with our fantastic sports masseurs.
Would you like to train/get fitter or build confidence in a facility that is fun, engaging and inviting? 

FitBank Health Group can provide you with a fantastic, smart and contempary facility that will meet your needs perfectly. Designed around people and in such a way that gives you a great feeling from the moment you enter.

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You’re in safe hands. All questions answered by our expert Physio/Rehabilitation Trainers

I’ve damaged my foot and its affecting my walking.

Ok no problem. We would need to assess the damage to your foot and look at how we can strengthen the leg to make you feel more stable when walking.

I think that ive pulled my back, can you help?

Certainly. Firstly assessing what you have done is key to any treatment. Then we can look at how to get your muscles more relaxed and moving freely whilst also planning out stretch ad mobility exercises to ensure this doesn’t happen again

My whole body feels really tight, anything you can help with.

Sure, stretching you out fully would be a good idea if your WB Is tight. Then using our specially designed vibration rollers and handheld devices would ensure you feel relaxed and refreshed. Its then flexibility and stretching work along with S&C to get you fully right.


I’ve had sciatica before and I think its back!

Oh no. Sciatica is really painful. At FB we have helped many clients to get out of pain and develop skills and exercises to alleviate the symptoms.


If you are looking for information on Parkison’s Therapy, please contact us at:

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