Absolutely fantastic news that here at FitBank Health Group we have had amazing success with people suffering from Parkinsons disease. We have seen huge reduction in tremors both upper and lower body, increased mobility, high increase in muscular function, better posturural alignment standing and seated.

This is such exciting news and exciting times ahead as we continue to find ways that are helping many sufferers get back their lives and be able to use their limbs like they did before. Gone are the bleak, murky skies and nurses and docs saying its only going to get worse, we are here to say NO WAY, we know we can help, we have proved it. We are happy to show anyone from any profession what we have and what we can do to HELP!!!

These days we all seem to know someone with the condition and at FitBank we are the only facility in the Country able to help and actually change the symptoms, we cant cure it but we can damn well make it easier and give sufferers and carers their lives back. FACT!!


  1. Absolutely fabulous to have a break through treatment. WOW is an Dad has had the treatment with FitBank and he is absolutely smashing through it and gaining control and confidence by the reduced tremors and falls. Amazing work, Thankyou FitBank

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